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NIRF-2020 : 32nd Rank in Pharmacy in India

Scholarship Up to 100% Available For Students


Sr.No. Name PI Project Name Title of Project Granted by Year Amount (Lakhs)
1 Dr. G.D. Gupta (CEP)-PCI Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Education & Research PCI 2018 3.00
2 Dr. R.K. Narang INSPIRE-INTERNSHIP Inspire-Internship Science Camp DST 2018 11.00
3 Dr. G.D. Gupta FIST-Program To strengthen Research Facilities in all Science departments of the College. DST 2019 80.00
4 Dr. R.K. Narang INSPIRE-INTERNSHIP Inspire-Internship Science Camp DST 2019 12.93
5 Dr. G.D. Gupta FDP-IKGPTU Applications of Tools in Pharmaceutical Education & Research IKGPTU 2019 50.00
6 Dr. G.D. Gupta Skill Vigyan Program Training Program DBT 2019 79.80
7 Dr. R.K. Narang Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) Preparation and evaluation silver nanoparticles impregnated biogenic sprayable gel for advanced wound care AICTE 2019 12.94
8 Dr. Arti SERB Pharmacological Exploration of Mitochondrial Metabolomics to Treat Chemotherapy Induced Cognitive Impairments DST 2019 34.25
9 Dr. G.D. Gupta INSPIRE-INTERNSHIP Inspire-Internship Science Camp DST 2019 11.00
10 Dr. Charan Singh IBRO IBRO Early Career Awards 2019 IBRO 2019 3.89
11 Dr. Shamhser Singh YOUNG SCIENTIST 5TH World Parkinson SERB 2019 1.40
12 Dr. G.D. Gupta FDP-IKGPTU Applications of Recent Green Chemistry Techniques for Synthesis and Analysis of Pharmaceuticals IKGPTU 2019 3.00
13 Dr. G.D. Gupta FDP-AICTE Optimization Techniques and Recent Advances in Drug Delivery Systems AICTE 2019 4.55
14 Dr. R.K. Narang FDP-AICTE Multidisciplinary approaches in Pharmaceutical Sciences education AICTE 2019 4.61
15 Dr. G.D. Gupta STTP-AQIS Training in Excellence” with Ethics and Behavioral Science AICTE 2019 4.76
16 Dr. Pooja Chawla STTP-AQIS Target Based Drug Design Strategies Utilising CADD Tools and Ecofriendly Microwave Assisted Green Synthesis AICTE 2019 2.72
17 Dr. G.D. Gupta MODROB Modernization of Central Instrumentation Lab (CIL) AICTE 2019 19.00
18 Dr. R.K. Narang MODROB Nanodelivery and Nano materials Laboratory for Efficient Treatment of Infectious Diseases AICTE 2019 19.16
19 Dr. Charan Singh SERB Aerosolized Smart Nanocomposites for the Treatment of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis DST 2020 35.00
20 Dr. Vineet K Rai ICMR Ad-hoc Squalene integrated NLC based gel of tamoxifen citrate for efficient treatment psoriasis in mice ICMR 2021 7.53
21. Dr. Sidharth Mehan Idea Innovation under Business Incubation S Maze For Evaluation Of Neurobehavioral And Neuromuscular Activities In Rodents MSME 2021 18.50
22. Dr. Alok Sharma AYUSH, NMPB Q Marker: An Integrated Scientific Approach for Quality Control and Quality Assessment of Selected Indian Medicinal Plants Ministry of AYUSH 2021 26.51
23. Mr. Anupam Awasthi Senior Research Fellowship Neuroprotective effect of Iron Chelator Deferoxamine alone and combination with necrostatin-1 in LPS and rotenone induced Parkinsonism in animals ICMR 2021 12.60
24. Mr. Khadga Raj Aran Senior Research Fellowship Cryptotanshinione and Auranofin as neuroprotective tool to combination of proton pump inhibitors and chemotherapy associated alzheimers diseases ICMR 2021 12.60
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