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ISF Analytical Laboratory


Creation of ISFAL is an endeavour of ISF College of Pharmacy to provide ‘Quality Analysis’ to small scale industries of the region. It is committed to provide total customer satisfaction and compliance with regulatory bodies with maximum effectiveness and minimal cost.

Adopting validated analytical laboratory techniques through well trained analysts, efficient management personnel, maintaining the highest standards of quality control & quality assurance by adhering to the self enunciated written SOPs, protocols and documentation of all the data is our priority. ISFAL strives for excellence in quality standards and aims at providing quality services with impartiality, integrity, reliability confidentiality, independence,and commitment.

At ISFAL, we are committed to inculcate the right attitude and spirit to satisfy our customers through continual research and adopting these techniques to train budding pharmaceutical analysts.

 In addition, we aim to keep up the requirements of continuously updating regulatory guidelines and thus meeting the compliance to quality management system.

•   Approved by State Drug Control Authority, Punjab for testing of drugs and formulations.

•   Provide quality analytical services to academic and industrial organizations.

•   Sophisticated instrument training.

•   Well trained and committed analysts for reliability and total customer satisfaction.

• Compliance with regulatory bodies.

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