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TitlePatent / Application No.Inventor(s)
Pegylated liposomal drug delivery system for doxorubicin hydrochloride.
App. 1892/MUM/2007 Pub. In 02/04/2008.
R.S. R. Murthy
Novel steroidal esters of 17-oximino-5-Andersten–3ol.
W/O 2009/027994 Pub. In 2013.
T.R. Bhardwaj
Saponins based vaccine formulations.
Application number 3044/DEL/2012 on 28/09/2012.
Swati Pabreja, Amit K. Goyal, Goutam Rath
Topical nano-fibrous ocular implants.
Application number 3056/DEL/2012 on 28/09/2012
Shivani, Amit K. Goyal, Goutam Rath
Polysaccharides Based Mucosal Vaccines
Application number 3407/DEL/2012; 05/11/2012
Amit K. Goyal, Goutam Rath
Development and Characterization of Nano- Carrrier Modules for Macrophage Targeted Antitubercular Multidrug Therapy.
Application number 1866/DEL/2012 dated 18/06/2012.
R. K. Narang, R. D. Budhiraja, Amit K. Goyal
A particle fractionator for spray dryer
Application number 1489/DEL/2013 dated 20/05/2013
Amit K. Goyal, Goutam Rath,
A topical formulation development of preparation for hyperpigmentation.
Application number 3106/DEL/2013 dated 18/10/2013.
Deepika Tanwar, Devyani Dubey, R.K. Narang, Amit Goyal
Formulation and evaluation of itraconazole loaded niosomal gel.
Application number 3107/DEL/2013 dated 18/10/2013.
Sahil Kumar, R.K. Narang, Amit K. Goyal
Preparation and characterization of a formulation.
3108/DEL/2013 dated 18/10/2013
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Photostable niosomal gel of isotretinoin.
100/Del/2014, dated 14/01/2014.
Lovdeep Gautam, Sandeep Sharma, Abhinav Mehta, Ashish Baldi
A composition for treating amoebiasis.
831/DEL/2014, dated 13/06/2014​
Bharat Lal, Muzamil Rasheed,Nidhi,Veerpal Kaur.
Novel terpenoidal based analogue of vasicine of formula I with multiple therapeutic activities.
Nepali Kunal, Goyal Rohit, Dhar K.L., Bedi PMS
Nitric oxide Releasing Derivative of Paracetamol.
U.S.Patent Pub.No.- WO/2009/024998.
T.R. Bhardwaj
Novel liposomal composition for etoposide.
App. No. 2252/MUM/2009
R.S. R. Murthy
Development of gemcitabine liposomal injection using novel lipids.
R.S. R. Murthy
A spermicidal herbal composition for prevention and control of infections and vaginal disorders.
Gourav Chauhan, Amit K. Goyal, GoutamRath


  • Excellent arrangements, facilities and faculties are beyond expectations. Never seen such institute. Students are lucky who are here to make their career.

    Dr. Akhlesh Singhai
    Principal, L.N.C.T.-Pharmacy, Bhopal
  • One of the few best institutes of Pharmacy in North India. Thanks for Honor. Feeling proud to be an alumni of ISFCP.

    P.K. Bhardwaj
    Registrar, Punjab State Pharmacy council, Chandigarh
  • The institution has state of the art equipment, well trained and accomplishes teacher and hard-working students. It is a pleasure to visit the institution.

    Dr. Sandeep Kaushal
    Prof. & Head of Pharmacology, DMCH, Ludhiana
  • ISF College of Pharmacy has grown as a place of pharmacy education, which is now recognized as an advance place in India. I have been following its progress over a period of time. I must congratulate the faculties and management for their untiring efforts and hard work which brought this place as India's map. I wish the good luck in future endeavors.

    Dr. K.C.Gupta
    IITR, Lucknow & IGIB , Delhi
  • Great institute and a mega event, first of its kind in Punjab. Kudos!!! to the management.

    Sanjay Koul
    DM, Pfizer


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