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NIRF-2020 : 32nd Rank in Pharmacy in India

Scholarship Up to 100% Available For Students

Author: H.D.Kumar

Molecular Biology

Author: H.D.Kumar

Material Science Nanotechnology and Applications

Author: S.P.Vyas, H.D. Kumar

Advances in Pharmaceutical biotechnology

Author: Neeraj Mishra, Ashish Baldi, Ravinder Rawal

Impurity Profiling of a New Drug Entity: Experimental Insights

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing

Author: H.D. Kumar

Molecular and Synthetic Biology

Author: R.S.R. Murthy

Vesicular & Particulate Drug Delivery Syatems

Publisher:Carrier Publications

Author: S.P.Vyas

Theory and Practice in Novel drug Delivery System

Author: Suresh P. Vyas, Amit K. Goyal, Gautam Rath

Handbook Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

Publisher: Vallabh Prakashan


Author: Puneet Bansal ,SN Das, Ashish Baldi

Biotechnology in Medicine and Herbal Drug Development

Publisher: Basera Verlag

Author: Ashish Baldi

Cosmeceuticals for Photoprotection From Development to Efficacy Studies

Publisher: Lambert Academic Published

Author: N.K.Jain

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

Author: N.K.Jain

Health Education an Community Pharmacy


Author: N.K.Jain

A Text book of Forensic Pharmacy

Author: N.K.Jain

Current Dosage form Design

Author: Amit K Goyal, gautam Rath, R.K. Narang

Pharmaceutical Dispensing

Publisher:CBS Publishers

AuthorRavinder K. Rawal, Naveen Kumar, chetan Sharma

Chemometric tools for simultaneous estimation in pharmaceuticals: Multivariate techniques stimultaneous estimation.

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing


Author: Jitender Bariwal, Gurneet Kaur, Rupinder Kaur

New [1,4]Dihydropyridines  for P-gp Mediated Efflux of  Anticancer Drugs

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing

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