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Sr. No. Name Designation Department Email Profile
1 Prof.(Dr.) G.D. Gupta Director-cum-Principal Pharmaceutics drgdg@rediffmail.com View Profile
2 Dr. Raj Kumar Narang Professor Pharmaceutics drrknisf@gmail.com View Profile
3 Dr. Amit Kumar Goyal Professor Pharmaceutics goyalddrl@gmail.com View Profile
4 Dr. Neeraj Mishra Associate Professor Pharmaceutics neerajdops@rediffmail.com View Profile
5 Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Vaidya Associate Professor bhuvanvaidya@gmail.com View Profile
6 Dr. Ravindra Kumar Rawal Professor & HOD (Chemistry/Analysis) Pharmaceutical Analysis rawal.ravindra@gmail.com View Profile
7 Dr. Saurabh Sharma Professor & HOD Pharmacology suns.saurabh@gmail.com View Profile
8 Dr. Goutam Rath Associate Professor Pharmaceutics goutamrath@rediffmail.com View Profile
9 Dr. Mahendra Singh Rathore Professor & HOD Pharmacy Practice msrathore78@gmail.com View Profile
10 Dr. Anoop Kumar Associate Professor Pharmacology abitmesra@gmail.com View Profile
11 Dr. Ruchika Sharma Assistant Professor ruchikasharma0707@gmail.com View Profile
12 Mr. Amit Sharma Associate Professor Pharmacy Practice choice.amit@gmail.com amit.isfcp@gmail.com View Profile
13 Mr. Darshan Singh Associate Professor Pharmacognosy darshan_isf@yahoo.com View Profile
14 Mr. Durgadas Anghore Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry dd_anghore@yahoo.com View Profile
15 Dr. Arun Kumar Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice arun.pharmd@gmail.com View Profile
16 Mr. Abhay Pandey Person Incharge (ISFAL) ISFAL abhay.isfal@gmail.com View Profile
17 Mr. Tanmay S. Markandeywar Associate Professor Pharmaceutics tanmayasm@rediffmail.com View Profile
18 Mr. Gagandip Singh Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry gagandip14@gmail.com View Profile
19 Mr. Sourabh Kosey Associate professor Pharmacy Practice sourabhkosey@gmail.com View Profile
20 Dr. Rupinder Kaur Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry rupinder.pharmacy@gmail.com View Profile
21 Ms. Amita Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Analysis amitanarang7@gmail.com View Profile
22 Ms. Rimpi Arora Assistant Professor Pharmacology a.rimpi@yahoo.com View Profile
23 Ms. Nishu Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry nishu131989@gmail.com View Profile
24 Mr. Shamsher Singh Assistant Professor Pharmacology shamshersinghbajwa@gmail.com View Profile
25 Mr. Saurav Bhandari Assistant Professor Quality Assurance bhandarisaurav89@gmail.com View Profile
26 Mr. Gurmeet Singh Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics gurmeetgrewal21@gmail.com View Profile
27 Ms. Seema Brar Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy seemabrar001@gmail.com View Profile
28 Mr. Sumit Jamwal Assistant Professor Pharmacology jamwalisf@gmail.com View Profile
29 Dr. Muskan Garg Ast. Professor Pharmacy Practice View Profile
30 Mr. Janesh Garg Ast. Professor IT & Language View Profile
31 Mr. Vikram Sharma Assistant Professor IT & Language vikramsharma@ymail.com View Profile
32 Ms. Arpandeep Kaur Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics swaitcharpan@gmail.com View Profile
33 Ms. Karishma Aggarwal Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics karishmaaggarwal18@yahoo.com View Profile
34 Mr. Bharat Khurana Associate Professor Pharmaceutics bharatkhurana85@gmail.com View Profile
35 Ms. Daisy Arora Associate Professor Pharmaceutics daisyarora86@gmail.com View Profile
36 Ms. Aradhana Verma Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics aradhanaa002@gmail.com View Profile
37 Mr. Sudhir Kumar Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy sudhirkumarthukral@rediffmail.com View Profile
38 Ms. Gurmeet Kaur Assistant Professor ISFAL kaurgurmeet948@gmail.com View Profile
39 Ms. Amarjit Kaur Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry amar.amarjitkaur@yahoo.co.in View Profile
40 Ms. Sukhbir Kaur Associate Professor Quality Assurance k_sukhbir@yahoo.co.in View Profile
41 Mr. Rohit Bhatia Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry bhatiarohit5678@gmail.com View Profile
42 Ms. Ankita Dadwal Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics anki231992@gmail.com View Profile
43 Ms. Satpreet Kaur Dhillon Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics dhillonsana28@gmail.com View Profile
44 Ms. Shelly Pathania Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry shellysweet91@gmail.com View Profile
45 Dr. Pallvi Assistant Professor pallvi.arora88@gmail.com View Profile
46 Dr. Kanad Deepak Associate professor Pharmacy Practice Kanaddeepak@gmail.com View Profile
47 Dr. Maninder Kaur Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry maninder.688@gmail.com View Profile
48 Ms. Mandeep Kaur Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice kaurm235@gmail.com View Profile
49 Ms. Ramanjeet Kaur Assistant professor Pharmaceutics rmng13@gmail.com View Profile
50 Ms. Rajvir Kaur Assistant Professor rajvirtoor12@gmail.com View Profile
51 Mr. Ravi Ranjan Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice raviranjan090@gmail.com View Profile
52 Ms. Avileen Kaur Assistant professor Pharmacology avileenkaurbrar@gmail.com View Profile
53 Mr. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry sunil.medichem@gmail.com View Profile
54 Dr. Pawan Porwal Associate Professor Quality Assurance pawankporwal@gmail.com View Profile
55 Ms. Vishav Prabhjot Kaur Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics vishavprabhjotkaur@gmail.com View Profile
56 Mr.Amandeep Singh Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics ad4singh@gmail.com View Profile
57 Dr. Tanpreet Kaur Badwal Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice Singh.tan13@gmail.com View Profile
58 Mr. Kapil Kumar Verma Assistant Professor Pharmacology kkvmpharm09@gmail.com View Profile
59 Monika Chauhan Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry monicachauhan2009@gmail.com View Profile
60 Mr. Vir Vikram Associate Professor Pharmacology virvikram76@gmail.com View Profile
61 Deepak kumar sahel Assistant Professor Pharmacology gullibhardwaj10@gmail.com View Profile
62 Dr. Sidharth Mehan Associate Professor Pharmacology sidh.mehan@gmail.com View Profile
63 Dr. Vikram Deep Monga Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry vikramdeepmonga@gmail.com View Profile
64 Mr. Anupam Awasthi Assistant Professor Pharmacology View Profile


  • Excellent arrangements, facilities and faculties are beyond expectations. Never seen such institute. Students are lucky who are here to make their career.

    Dr. Akhlesh Singhai
    Principal, L.N.C.T.-Pharmacy, Bhopal
  • One of the few best institutes of Pharmacy in North India. Thanks for Honor. Feeling proud to be an alumni of ISFCP.

    P.K. Bhardwaj
    Registrar, Punjab State Pharmacy council, Chandigarh
  • The institution has state of the art equipment, well trained and accomplishes teacher and hard-working students. It is a pleasure to visit the institution.

    Dr. Sandeep Kaushal
    Prof. & Head of Pharmacology, DMCH, Ludhiana
  • ISF College of Pharmacy has grown as a place of pharmacy education, which is now recognized as an advance place in India. I have been following its progress over a period of time. I must congratulate the faculties and management for their untiring efforts and hard work which brought this place as India's map. I wish the good luck in future endeavors.

    Dr. K.C.Gupta
    IITR, Lucknow & IGIB , Delhi
  • Great institute and a mega event, first of its kind in Punjab. Kudos!!! to the management.

    Sanjay Koul
    DM, Pfizer


  • 1ISF College of Pharmacy,
       Ferozepur GT Road, N.H. 95
    Ghal Kalan, Moga, Punjab - 142 001, India
  • Phone: 98786 96688, 01636-650150, 650151
  • Email: isfpharm@yahoo.com