Postgraduate : 2012-2014 Batch

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2012-2014 Batch
Sr. No. Name Registration Number Title Supervisor
1 Amit Sabharwal Development and characterization of novel spheroidal drug delivery system for the treatment of indomethacin induced ulcers using herbal drug Argyeria nervosal Dr. Amit K Goya
2 Amol Kumar Development and characterization of nanofiber membrane for purification of contaminated water Dr. Amit K Goyal
3 Deepti Sehrawat Development and characterization of the nanocarrier for transmucosal delivery of H1 antihistamines for treating motion sickness Dr. Amit K Goyal
4 Divita Mathpal Development and characterization of nano embedded microparticles for pulmonary delivery of antifungal drug Dr. Amit K Goyal
5 Harish Chandra Singh Development of immunonanocarriers for oral immunization of tetanus vaccines Dr. Amit K Goyal
6 Himmat Singh Johal Development and characterization of bioadhesive vaginal gel of fluconazole for vaginal candidiasis Dr. Amit K Goyal
7 Hitu Gupta Development and characterization of nanosuspension of Apigenin to enhance oral bioavailability Dr. Amit K Goyal
8 Nikhil Gupta Development of nanofibrous carrier system for mucosal delivery of diphtheria vaccine Dr. Amit K Goyal
9 Prabhjot Kaur Development and characterization of surfactant based pulmonary delivery system of paclitaxel Dr. Amit K Goyal
10 Prabhjot Kaur Formulation and evaluation of nanoparticles based in-situ nasal gel of tramadol HCl for treatment of depression Dr. Amit K Goyal
11 Shilpa Chaudhary Development and characterization of oral formulation for hepatic delivery by mediation of lymphatic transport pathway Dr. Amit K Goyal
12 Sugandha Sharma Development and characterization of different dosage forms for the enhancement of solubility of fenofibrate Dr. Amit K Goyal
13 Sushant Chaudhary Integration of solid dispersion and nanocrystals of poorly soluble drug mebendazole for solubility, dissolution and bioavailability enhancement Dr. Amit K Goyal
14 Vimratjeet Kaur Development and characterization of novel nanocarriers to improve the bioavailability of azithromycin Dr. Amit K Goyal
15 Tanushree Development and evaluation of vesicular system based vaginal anti-retro viral microbicidal gel containing efavirenz Dr. Amit K Goyal
16 Vani Development and evaluation of sublingual film antiemetic granisetron hydrochloride Dr. Amit K Goyal
17 Aman K Sharma Development and characterization of novel contraceptive microbicide formulation Mr. Goutam Rath
18 Malik Mohd Raffi Development and characterization of navel gastroretentive nanofiber system for diacerein using PLLA Mr. Goutam Rath
19 Nandan Singh Bisht Development and characterization of amphotericin B loaded anionic albumin nanoparticles for systemic fungal infection in rats Mr. Goutam Rath
20 Navdeep Kaur Formulation of curcumin-β-cyclodextrin loaded sponge as tissue regenerating/ antimicrobial response against thermal burns in wistar rats Mr. Goutam Rath
21 Asif Shafi Mir Development and characterization of clotrimazole loaded nanofibrous mat against oral candidiasis Mr. Goutam Rath
22 Baljeet Singh Development and characterization of polymeric nanofibers for sublingual delivery of nicorandil Mr. Goutam Rath
23 Harneet Marwah Transdermal delivery of insulin using iodine complex as penetration enhancer for increasing bioavailability Mr. Goutam Rath
24 Rajwinder Kaur To develop a novel carrier system for vaginal delivery of antimicrobials against urinary tract infections Mr. Goutam Rath
25 Rajwinder Kaur To develop a novel carrier system for vaginal delivery of antimicrobials against urinary tract infections Mr. Goutam Rath
26 Raman Glycyrrhetinic acid-chitosan nanoparticles of atorvastatin for liver targeting Mr. Goutam Rath
27 Taqadus Hussain Handoo Development and characterization of Cefazolin loaded nanofibers For post operative accelerated wound healing Mr. Goutam Rath
28 Vedant Modgill Development and characterization of nanofiber system for transmucosal delivery of DPP 4 inhibitor for the treatment of type-2 diabetes mellitus Mr. Goutam Rath
29 Devendra Singh Development and characterization of thiolated chitosan nanoparticles containing selegiline hydrochloride for the effective management of depression Dr. Neeraj Mishra
30 Kritika Development and characterization of floating spheroids of atorvastatin calcium for enhancement of oral bioavailability Dr. Neeraj Mishra
31 Muzamil Rashid Development and characterization of self solid nano-emulsified drug delivery system of embelin in combination with gliclazide for determination of antidiabetic activity Dr. Neeraj Mishra
32 Nancy Sharma Development and characterization of nanolipid carrier of embelin for enhancing its brain penetration for treatment of epilepsy in wistar rats Dr. Neeraj Mishra
33 Nidhi Development and characterization of microparticles of embelin for the treatment of ulcerative colitis Dr. Neeraj Mishra
34 Paramjot Preparation and characterization of lactobionic acid conjugated polyphosphazene based nanodelivery of primaquine for liver targeting to check antimalarial activity Dr. Neeraj Mishra
35 Supandeep Singh Hallan Preparation and characterization of lipid polymer hybrid nanoparticles for oral delivery of LMWH Dr. Neeraj Mishra
36 Veerpal Kaur Development and characterization of paclitaxel and embelin loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for breast cancer Dr. Neeraj Mishra
37 Taha Umair Wani Development and evaluation of nanoparticle loaded gel of ciprofloxacin and rosmarinic acid for wound healing Dr. Neeraj Mishra
38 Kulyash Kumar Formulation and evaluation of taste-masked dry suspension of clarithromycin Dr. R. K. Narang
39 Lovejit Singh Development and characterization of topical niosomal gel of 5-fluorouracil for skin cancer treatment Dr. R. K. Narang
40 Manpreet Kaur Pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and relative bioavailability of polyphosphazene linked isoniazid-solid lipid nanoparticles Dr. R. K. Narang
41 Monika Saini Formulation and optimization of nanogel of diclofenac diethylamine for transdermal drug delivery Dr. R. K. Narang
42 Nisha Negi Comparative study of different enhancers for their transcorneal permeation using brimonidine as a model drug Dr. R. K. Narang
43 Rakesh Redhu Preparation and evaluation of erythromycin – rosmarinic acid niosomal gel for the treatment of acne vulgaris Dr. R. K. Narang
44 Sanjay Kumar Formulation and evaluation of tacrolimus loaded transferosomal gel to enhance penetration in chronic plaque type psoriasis Dr. R. K. Narang
45 Manish Kumar Development and characterization of In situ hydrogel system of poloxamer derivatives for ophthalmic delivery to improve the ocular bioavailability of timolol maleate Dr. Ravindra Kumar Rawal
46 Jasmeen Kaur Development and characterization of lipid polymer hybrid nanoparticles of curcumin for chemoimmunotherapy of cancer Dr. Abhinav Mehta
47 Mamta Rani Development and characterization of DPI of pH sensitive liposomes for the delivery of anti-tubercular drugs Dr. Abhinav Mehta
48 Amrinder Aman Development and characterization of dry powder inhaler of lipid based drug delivery system for the delivery of antitubercular drug Dr. Abhinav Mehta
49 Preeti Development and characterization of lipid polymer hybrid nanoparticle for targeted delivery of doxorubicin Dr. Abhinav Mehta
50 Sachin Raina Self emulsifying drug delivery system for bioavailability enhancement of a poorly soluble drug mebendazole Dr. Abhinav Mehta
51 Vikas Aggarwal Formulation, development and process validation of extended release spheroids of an antidepressant drug Dr. Abhinav Mehta
52 Preeti Gupta Formulation and optimization of doxorubicin loaded nanoparticles of novel polyphosphazene derivatives for efflux pump inhibition Mr. Tanmay M
53 Ankita Sharma Development and characterization of glucose sensitive nanogel for the treatment of diabetes mellitus Mr. Tanmay M
54 Robin Asija Comparative study of nanoparticle embedded and inclusion complex embedded polymeric film of carvedilol Mr. Tanmay M
55 Tarun Tomer Optimization of aqueous coating formula and its scale up for (ofloxacin & ornidazole) film coated tablets and their analytical method validation Mr. Tanmay M
56 Kushan Panchal Formulation, development and characterization of chewable tablet of aceclofenac Mr. Tanmay M.
57 Zulfiqar Ali Lone Development and characterization of arteether loaded nanostructured lipid carriers for treatment of malaria Dr. Ashish Baldi
58 Tejinder Singh Development of bone targeted liposomal drug delivery system containing oxaliplatin using cholesterol alendronate complex as ligand Dr. Ravindra Kumar Rawal
59 Tanima Development and characterization of liposome for combination of doxorubicin and Apigenin Mr. Vivek Sharma


  • Excellent arrangements, facilities and faculties are beyond expectations. Never seen such institute. Students are lucky who are here to make their career.

    Dr. Akhlesh Singhai
    Principal, L.N.C.T.-Pharmacy, Bhopal
  • One of the few best institutes of Pharmacy in North India. Thanks for Honor. Feeling proud to be an alumni of ISFCP.

    P.K. Bhardwaj
    Registrar, Punjab State Pharmacy council, Chandigarh
  • The institution has state of the art equipment, well trained and accomplishes teacher and hard-working students. It is a pleasure to visit the institution.

    Dr. Sandeep Kaushal
    Prof. & Head of Pharmacology, DMCH, Ludhiana
  • ISF College of Pharmacy has grown as a place of pharmacy education, which is now recognized as an advance place in India. I have been following its progress over a period of time. I must congratulate the faculties and management for their untiring efforts and hard work which brought this place as India's map. I wish the good luck in future endeavors.

    Dr. K.C.Gupta
    IITR, Lucknow & IGIB , Delhi
  • Great institute and a mega event, first of its kind in Punjab. Kudos!!! to the management.

    Sanjay Koul
    DM, Pfizer


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