Postgraduate : 2012-14

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Sr. No. Name Registration Number Title Supervisor
1 Ashwani Kumar Bioactivity guided fractionation of Acorus calamus for PDE inhibitory activity and the effect of active fraction in streptozotocin induced experimental dementia of alzheimer’s type in rats Dr. Rahul Deshmukh Dr. Jitender Bariwal
2 Priyanka Bioactivity guided fractionation of Butea monosperma for PDE inhibitory activity and their effects in MPTP induced experimental Parkinson’s disease in rats Dr. Rahul Deshmukh Dr. Jitender Bariwal
3 Sabeena Sharma Effect of vinpocetine- a phosphodiestrase inhibitor-1 on levodopa induced dyskinesia in 6-OHDA lesioned rats Dr. Rahul Deshmukh
4 Samardeep Possible role of cannabinoid and opioid receptor modulation in experiemntal parkinsons disease in rats Dr .Rahul Deshmukh Dr Puneet Kumar
5 Shivreet Kaur Therapeutic role of vinpocetine in epilepsy induced co-morbid depression & cognitive dysfunction in PTZ kindled rats Dr. Rahul Deshmukh
6 Sumita Manhas Effect of vinpocetine on STZ induced diabetic cardiomyopathy in rats Dr. Rahul Deshmukh Dr. Puneet Kumar
7 Vijay Kumar Effect of noladin ether-a putative endocannabinoid in experimental models of inflammatory and neuropathic pain Dr. Rahul Deshmukh
8 Vijay Pal Singh Development of experimental model system and the assessment of possible role of β2-adrenergic transmission in Alzheimer’s disease in rats Dr.Rahul Deshmukh
9 Vishavdeep Sharma Bioactivity guided fractionation of Betula alnoides for PDE inhibitory activity and their effects in MPTP induced Parkinson’s disease in rats Dr. Rahul Deshmukh Dr. Jitender Bariwal
10 Gurmanpreet Kaur To study anti-hyperalgesic and anti-nociceptive tolerance potentials of standardized grapeseed Dr. Puneet Kumar
11 Neha Soni Effect of GLT-1 modulator and P2X7 antagonists alone and in combination, in the experimental model of epilepsy in rats. Dr. Puneet Kumar
12 Nidhi Goyal Role of FXR/H2S pathway in DNBS induced Ulcerative colitis in rats Dr. Puneet Kumar
13 Onkar Bedi Synergistic hepatoprotective effect of Phyllanthus niruri and Andrographis paniculata extracts in the presence of Piper longum in wistar rats Dr.Puneet Kumar Dr. Vinod Gauttam
14 Shikha Kaundal Pharmacological screening of newly synthesized compounds, CGH-1 and CGH-2 for hypolipidemic and anti-atherosclerotic activities in rats Dr. Puneet Kumar Dr. Jitender Bariwal
15 Abhilasha Combined effect of citicoline and S-methylisothiourea sulfate (iNOS inhibitor) in type II diabetes mellitus induced neuropathic pain in rats Dr. Saurabh Sharma
16 Aditi Verma Combined effect of biochanin a and sodium orthovanadate in dyslipidemia induced vascular dementia in ovariectomized rats Dr. Saurabh Sharma
17 Ajay Rana To investigate the cardio protective potential of FTY720 on attenuated ischemic pre-conditioning in type-II diabetic rat heart Dr. Saurabh Sharma
18 Mandeep Kaur Effect of PARP-1 inhibitor (benzamide) in alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats Dr. Saurabh Sharma
19 Gagandeep Kaur Combined effect of low viscosity sodium alginate and ketanserin (5HT2A receptor antagonist) in lead induced nephrotoxicity Dr. Saurabh Sharma
20 Preetinder Kaur Evaluating the role of S100A4 and iNOS as therapeutic targets in breast cancer metastasis Dr. Saurabh Sharma Mr. Vivek Sharma
21 Gagandeep Kaur Neuroprotective effect of naringin against b-amyloid induced neurotoxicity with manganese supplementation in rats Dr. Atish Prakash Dr. Puneet Kumar
22 Kanchan Bharti Role of PBT-2, a newer metal ionophore against zinc induced cognitive dysfunction in senescence mice Dr. Atish Prakash Dr. Rahul Deshmukh
23 Karan Singh Chahal Role of multifunctional drug therapy against carbamate induced neurotoxicity in rats Dr. Atish Prakash Ms. Shamsherjit Kaur
24 Major Singh Possible role of endothelin receptor against hyperhomocysteinemia induced AD type of vascular dementia Dr. Atish Prakash
25 Rohit Bisht Evaluation of neuroprotective potential of antioxidant fraction from Urtica dioica Linn. in MPTP model of Parkinson’s disease in rats Dr. Atish Prakash Prof. A. N. Kalia


  • Excellent arrangements, facilities and faculties are beyond expectations. Never seen such institute. Students are lucky who are here to make their career.

    Dr. Akhlesh Singhai
    Principal, L.N.C.T.-Pharmacy, Bhopal
  • One of the few best institutes of Pharmacy in North India. Thanks for Honor. Feeling proud to be an alumni of ISFCP.

    P.K. Bhardwaj
    Registrar, Punjab State Pharmacy council, Chandigarh
  • The institution has state of the art equipment, well trained and accomplishes teacher and hard-working students. It is a pleasure to visit the institution.

    Dr. Sandeep Kaushal
    Prof. & Head of Pharmacology, DMCH, Ludhiana
  • ISF College of Pharmacy has grown as a place of pharmacy education, which is now recognized as an advance place in India. I have been following its progress over a period of time. I must congratulate the faculties and management for their untiring efforts and hard work which brought this place as India's map. I wish the good luck in future endeavors.

    Dr. K.C.Gupta
    IITR, Lucknow & IGIB , Delhi
  • Great institute and a mega event, first of its kind in Punjab. Kudos!!! to the management.

    Sanjay Koul
    DM, Pfizer


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